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Finding good make up storage can  make a really nice little project when you have the time. It will give you some control over the mass of make up brushes and eyeliner pencils, cleansers and moisturizers, lipsticks and lip glosses and bottles of nail polish, nail whiteners and nail stengtheners that spill out of the bathroom cabinets and off the shelves, threatening to engulf you and even worse, your man. Mind you, you might even be able to find something nice for him to put his selection of deodorant sprays and mens lotions in too.

Listed below are some more great makeup storage ideas to help get you going.

Make up storage boxes. Well, one idea is to get a big box and chuck everything in. Job done. A really nice alternative that will give you a chance of finding what you are looking for is to check out a good office store for desk organisers. Turn your make up storage box on the side and slot in what was supposed to be a set of in-trays or pen holders to separate your mascaras from your glitter jars, and your foundation brushes from your bronzers. Anything from DVD racks to Tupperware will work too.

Why not get your hands on a make up storage case. There are some beautiful chrome professional and semi-professional fixed and portable makeup storage cases with some large spaces for big make up pots, pallets and containers and lots of funky fold out drawers and shelving, perfect for all those small make up goodies like eyeliner pencils, lip pencils and mascara. They can look a little like a posh oversized tool kit but they work really well, as long as it isn’t commandeered by the man in your life for his prize set of spanners and wrenches. To get your own back, steal his (definitely not yet used) fishing tackle box. This will probably work out as a much cheaper alternative to the pro kit, and there are lots of other plastic and more basic alternatives around too.

For make up brush storage, probably the best thing is just to use a plastic cup or beaker or, if you can find one, an ‘I Love Lipstick’ or ‘Lady at Work’ novelty mug. Stick the brushes in there and you’re done.

Whilst we have been discussing make up storage solutions, we should also mention that it is a good idea once in a while to have proper clear out of your cosmetics. Quite a lot of products have a relatively short shelf life. When hairs from your brush start to get left on your face, it’s probably a good time to get a new one. With some make-up, it starts to smell very strange after a time so throw it out. Mascara lasts for about six months maximum. It is only really some of the powders, if stored correctly without getting too much moisture in them that last for a long time.

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Makeup Organizer

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Makeup organizers come in a massive range of options and we’re going to have a look at some of them here, and highlight the bestsellers at the same time.

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Make Up Boxes

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Makeup Case Ideas

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Make Up Box Ideas

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Make up ideas and the latest looks

As well as make up storage suggestions, check out these tips for a host of different occasions.

Party eyes

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