Make Up Boxes

Women have different needs when it comes to makeup. Some prefer a natural look and apply only the basic cosmetics such as eyeliner and cover up. Other women enjoy full makeup application using everything from foundation to lipstick. There is no, one, right approach to apply makeup, but there are perfect make up boxes for every woman. This article has a look at some great make up boxes to cover all preferences, from professional cosmetics artist to advocates of all natural skin tone.

The basic make up box, with no bells and whistles, perfect for women who prefer only cover-up application and touchups, is a travel vanity case. This small package is an excellent tool to have for women who simply need something to carry their product on the go. It easily stores in the car and carries as light as a purse. These cases can be found in fabric, leather or semihard styles. A number of designers offer small travel boxes in a variety of decorative tones.

Women who use a travel case can carry a set of makeup brushes, and all of the basic makeup applications like foundation, blush and powder. There is also usually enough room in one of the compartments for various small toiletries. While these cases are ideal for women with less makeup needs, they do not cater well to professional makeup artists or women who use products on a daily basis.

The professional makeup box is a larger, tote bag style or rolling carrier. These boxes can be broken into two categories. Two-shelf carriers are ideal for women in a professional industry who mostly carry their own products. A two-shelf carrier has enough room to carry multiples of many different products for the greatest color variations and style trends. Usually, they are designed to be shoulder carried and tend to be moderately heavy.

Makeup artists need large professional make up boxes that are geared toward serving multiple clients. It is these boxes that define cosmetics organization. A three tiered, or larger, box can carry a retail supply of every applicable cosmetic. Both the two shelf and three shelf boxes have an organizational style that suggest the best make up storage ideas, but only a three tier box can serve for many woman from the same hub.

The makeup artist would utilize a large make up box or case to segment multiple clients’ products for easy access and quick retrieval. The cases have larger bottom shelves to carry spray bottles and even hair products. Three shelf boxes are designed to be a mobile beauty shop. Only career cosmetologists will find a need for boxes this large, and those whose vocation is devoted to beauty products will be hard pressed to work efficiently without them.

Much of the industry is dependant upon an individual woman’s need for cosmetics carriers. Some women will flourish with extravagant make up box sets while others need only a small carrying case for going around town. For the majority of women, the bottom of their purse is adequate makeup storage. However, a small travel box is a good consideration for anyone who uses makeup even recreationally.

A small box can be fun, decorative and easy to carry. The small tote provides make up storage solutions that keep every product safe from environmental hazards like heat and freezing temperatures as well as from being bumped up against and banged around in the bottom of a heavy purse. Any woman who has lost a dozen tubes of lipstick or mascara can agree that it would be nice to protect her expensive cosmetics from being broken.

Decorative styles may include a leather bag with compartments or a wooden make up box with creative art design on the outside. The cases can be fun and inexpensive. Moreover, they can provide a great home storage for women who struggle with organization. Because a small case will have built in organizers, women can easily keep their beauty products accessible. Using a decorative box in the home looks good and frees up room in the vanity mirror or counter for other family members.

Some women may even prefer to keep a box just for the home and keep a larger one for travel and work. Owning a set for various occasions is a good way to keep travel products and stay-at-home products separate. When organization is a priority this is a good way to keep life simple.

Every woman has her preference on how much makeup to wear. Some women are involved in cosmetics for career purposes while others need to freshen up often. The various details of a woman’s daily life can dictate which style of case she uses. Any of these  make up boxes for sale can be used to make life easier and more organized. From designer make up boxes, to a simple travel pack, two-shelf shoulder bag, three-shelf carrier, decorative box or a home organizer, there is a style for everyone.

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