Makeup Organizer

Masses of makeup and nowhere to store it? Get rid of the clutter, whether in your bathroom or when traveling, and have all your best cosmetics within easy reach with a makeup organizer.

Makeup organizers come in a massive range of options and we’re going to have a look at some of them here, and highlight the bestsellers at the same time.

Good for a makeup storage at home is an acrylic makeup organizer tray or holder. These are very cheap to produce and so are extremely affordable, and they classically come with a range of different sized compartments that you access from above. A countertop makeup organizer like this is very easy to clean, it’s durable and dead easy to order and find all of your cosmetics quickly. Caboodles produce a clear makeup organizer range with a variety of sizes that is very popular. US Acrylic also has a nice range that look good as well as being effective.

On a similar theme, also available are acrylic makeup organizers with drawers. There is a bit more to them, some are very compact and just add a little extra storage capacity compared with a tray. Others come as a large stand alone set of drawers and can pretty much hold your entire collection of cosmetics. Think Kim or Kourtney Kardashian makeup organizer and you’ve got it. As well as US Acrylic, Azar have some great options.

If you like acrylic and want to be able to see what you’ve got, 10 Stars produce a clear acrylic makeup case with folding out trays. It looks good too and won’t let you down if you’re traveling.

In a similar vein, Shany product a selection of large makeup organizer cases. These look great as well as being practical. Colors include black, silver and pink snake skin. Some of the largest cases come on rollers and target the professional cosmetic industry. Caboodles is the other bestseller and are equally contemporary in design, whether you go for a silver makeup box, or black lace or even zebra print.

These are definitely designed for to be portable but for an alternative travel makeup organizer that is much lighter and easy to handle, go for a Travelon cosmetic travel case. For other great ideas, check out the Mary Kay roll up travel cosmetic bag, or buy a hanging makeup bag – Stone & Co. do a lovely one in paisley pink.

Whichever makeup organizer you go with, it’s really going to help make life that little bit easier. After all, applying the makeup is something most of us spend at least a little time every day doing, if not way more.

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